Monday, 14 January 2013

Five Awesome Tools Improving Website Development Procedures:

The Firebug:If you are into computer technology then you must have heard the name of Firebug. It is a very crucial and probably the most popular tool for web development. Interestingly, this important tool can be downloaded free from the internet. The various functions performed by this tool are analyzing of web pages, debugging and testing them. As a result the whole procedure of be development becomes considerably simpler. With the help of the Network tab of the Firebug tool, one would be allowed to inspect the CSS, JS, HTML, XHR and JS components. YSlow:One would find YSlow with the Firebug. This tool is used to rank the website through an evaluation process, which is done keeping the high performance websites as a par. The yahoo Developer Network details out these websites. Every single rule in the list has an alphabet between A-F assigned to it. Through these one would get an idea of how to rank a website on the front-end performances. Moreover, you would also get to have an idea of the areas where you need to make improvements like using CDN, to make as few HTTP requests as possible and compress the external JAVA Script. IBM Page Detailer:With this tool, you would be able to analyze each of the web components, which is being downloaded at that very instance. Since this tool would stick to the browser, all you need to do is get into the IBM Page Detailer and navigate to the website you need to. The moment you would be clicking on the component on the website’s page, a slide window will be opened and the component’s entire requisite details would be listed in there. Now, when the process starts on the page, a window will be opened where the information about the process would be obtained. Fiddler 2:This is a tool used for debugging. It is based on HTML and thus one would be able to scrutinize both outgoing as well as incoming traffic to a website. With its awesome debugging features Fiddler 2 can be used as par the requirements of the customers. however, it would be wise to go through the guide which MSDN has issued, prior to using this tool. Each and every feature and function of this tool is discussed in this guide. Moreover, various tips on improving the performance like creating custom flags for the need of dealing with a critical issues etc. Cuzillion:This is one high-performance tool, which helps in tracing how several web page elements mane mutual interactions. Updated and modified web pages are checked and tested with the help of this tool. This is an important step before you zero upon the final look of your website. In addition to this, one would also get some useful suggestion on troubleshooting and some miscellaneous tips to help in the improvement of the website’s performance.

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